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Wisdom teeth removal

Ease the pain and headaches with this simple procedure

At Great Lakes Family Dental Group in Livonia, Michigan, we often see patients in their late teens or early twenties experiencing terrible pain and headaches. The culprit? Erupting wisdom teeth. In most cases, these large teeth don’t often fit comfortably in their mouth, which means they cause a lot of problems until they are extracted.

We regularly perform wisdom teeth extractions here at Great Lakes Family Dental Group. It’s a procedure that is ideally performed on young adults -- aged 24 and younger -- because their bones have not yet become rigid -- making it easier to remove the stubborn teeth.

After undergoing a wisdom teeth extraction procedure, we suggest you take several days off work or school to recover. You’ll be taking a bit of medication to assist with any pain and swelling, and it’s best to stay quietly at home in those early days.

To learn more about wisdom teeth extractions -- or to schedule a visit -- contact Great Lakes Family Dental Group in Livonia today.

Watch the videos below to learn more about wisdom teeth removal:

Horizontal Impaction Wisdom Teeth Horizontal Impaction Partial Eruption Wisdom Teeth Partial Eruption